Reykjavik Hidden gems

Private – Half Day tour

with local

Discover a cluster of pseudocraters inside Reykjavik with a local. See the first Hydroelectric power plant in Reykjavik and the first geothermal water pump. Enjoy standing on a Salmon riverbank.

Private – Half Day tour – with local

  • Group: Max 4 grown ups
  • Length: 3.5 hours or longer depending on personalized requests
  • Language: Icelandic and English
  • Stops: Rauðhólar, Elliðaárdalur, Laugardalur, Nauthólsvík, Grótta Lighthouse
  • Included in Price: Guided tour
  • Season: All year round
  • Vehicle: 4×4 Hyundai Santa Fe

We start our day by picking you up at your accommodation in Reykjavík.

The length of the tour depends on the agreed upon stops and how we’ve
come to tailor your Reykjavík tour. There are no age limits and upon requests we provide car
seats for your little ones. Our vehicle is a 5 seat 4×4 Hyundai Santa Fe, which includes driver +
group of 4 people.

To make the most of your last day in Iceland we also offer a dropoff at
Keflavík Airport at the end of your Reykjavík Tour (charges apply).

Our Reykjavík Itinerary

This is our usual itinerary that can be personalized and tailored to your group’s preferences.

  • Rauðhólar: Photo stop, Guided tour, Sightseeing, Walk (35 minutes)
  • Elliðaárdalur: Photo stop, Visit, Guided tour, Sightseeing, Walk (20 minutes)
  • Laugardalur Park: Photo stop, Visit, Guided tour, Sightseeing, Walk (30 minutes)
  • Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach: Photo stop, Guided tour, Sightseeing (10 minutes)
  • Grótta Lighthouse (optional): Photo stop, Guided tour, Sightseeing (15 minutes)

Personalized Itinerary Example Additional Stops

Personalized tours are subject to agreement in each case.
This list of attractions is only for reference of what we can offer.

  • Perlan
  • Harpa
  • Skólavörðustígur
  • Laugarvegur
  •  Tjörnin
  • Austurvöllur
  • Sun Voyager
  • Hallgrímskirkja


Rauðhólar hills and the lava field of Leitarhraun are formed when 1,100°C molten lava flows over ponds and swamps causing the water to boil. The pressure of the steam from the boiling water then causes explosions, which in turn creates the pseudocraters. Admire the lava that flows into the well-known Salmon River Elliðaá.


It’s a very popular destination with the locals for all sorts of outdoor activities, including jogging, biking, walking, horseback riding, fishing, and playing. Through the valley one of Iceland’s best salmon-fishing rivers. Fishing is not allowed for everyone, to get a permit one will have to join Reykjavík’s Fly-fishing Club and partake in an annual lottery. However, everybody is welcome to navigate the banks of the river, and perhaps see a hunter skillfully catch a salmon.

Laugardalur Park

In Laugardalur there is geothermal heat and is a historical location for being the place where locals used to wash their laundry. Furthermore, Reykjavik’s main campsite is in Laugardalur and the valley is therefore a popular tourist destination. Laugardalur is also one of the main centers of sports activities in Reykjavik, and there are sports facilities such as Laugardalshöllin, Laugardalsvöllur, Laugardalslaug pool and Skautahöll Reykjavíkur Ice skating hall. 


Kerid crater is believed to be 6500 Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach is a paradise for people who love splashing around in the ocean or sunbathing in the golden sand.  The beach is equipped with changing facilities and showers, steam-baths and hot tubs.  Hot water is pumped into the man-made lagoon and the outcome is a refreshing swimming area averaging between 15°-19°C in summer.

What to bring?

We recommend to dress appropriately for the season and weather. A heads up, the weather can change dramatically in just a few hours, no matter the season.

  • Warm clothing
  • Camera
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Waterproof jacket – for rain
  • Thermal layers for colder days
  • Warm socks for colder days
  • Small Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks – always a good choice

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Reykjavik Hidden gems COMPLETE GUIDE


We made a complete guide for your Reykjavik Hidden gems tour in Iceland.

about Reykjakík?

Reykjavík is the capital city of Iceland, the world’s northernmost capital. Nearly two-thirds of the country’s population lives in the capital area. Granted, that’s only around 123,000 people, but what it lacks in terms of the populace, it makes up for in culture and excitement.

Reykjavík has a vibrant cultural and design scene, with plenty of exciting adventure tours, vivid nightlife, modern museums, world-class restaurants, galleries, shops, bars and clubs for you to explore throughout your stay.


Reykjavík is located in southwestern Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxaflói bay. 


The word Reykjavík translates literally as “smoky bay”. The name refers to the steam that used to rise from the hot springs and geothermal vents.

Why do the Reykjavik Hidden gems tour in Iceland?

The Reykjavík hidden gems has a unique nature experience in the city

  • You can see the The first Hydroelectric plant in Reykjavik and the first geothermal water pump and Learn how Reykjavík implemented hot water and electricity 85 years ago
  • You can Explore the lava field Leitarhraun all the way to the sea and the Salmon River and Discover more about the conservation efforts of the river salmon by the plant

What to see on Reykjavik Hidden gems

Some of the additional places worth visiting include these listed here.

Perlan, a unique highlight

Perlan – Wonders of Iceland – is a versatile and unique landmark in Iceland. The first thing you notice is the glass dome of this Reykjavik attraction. This dome stands between six large tanks, in one of which hot water is stored for Reykjavik city by means of geothermal energy. The sixth tank has been turned into a museum. The creation of the beautiful landscape is presented in the museum. The unique flora and fauna comes to the fore here. You can also stand on the platform on top of the tanks and then you have a very nice view over the city of Reykjavik where you can take great pictures.

The restaurant is inside one of their greenhouses filled with majestic tomato plants and greenery.

Harpa, eye-catcher of Reykjavík

The Harpa should not be missing on the list of Reykjavik sightseeing. Harpa is a very large concert hall and convention center located on the harbor of Reykjavik. The concert hall has 1800 seats and the building was designed by Henning Larsen. This is a Danish architect and this was in collaboration with Olafur Eliasson. Construction started in 2006, but in 2006 and 2007 the credit crisis brought construction to a standstill. Nevertheless, the decision was made to complete this and the opening concert took place on May 4, 2011.

Hallgrimskirka, thé Reykjavik landmark

t the top of the list ‘Best things to do in Reykjavik‘ is the Hallgrimskirkja. This Reykjavík Church is the tallest church building in Iceland and was built between 1945 and 1986. This Reykjavik landmark is 74.5 meters high and it is the most famous symbol of Reykjavík due to its visible location from all over the city. The church is open almost every day. Tip: You can also climb the tower for a nice view over Reykjavík center. The Lutheran church is named after the cleric Hallgrímur Pétursson who is considered to be the country’s hymn writer because of his Passíusálmar. The architect is Guðjón Samúelsson and was inspired by the basalt parts of the landscape that can be found in Iceland. The unique church was seen as a mix of styles during its construction and is without a doubt one of the most important Reykjavik sights. The interior of the church is very modest, but the eye-catcher is the organ with 5275 pipes.

Sun Voyager

About 500 meters further from the beautiful Harpa concert hall is a striking piece of art on the coast: the Sun Voyager. This landmark looks like a Viking ship and many people also think this because of the Icelandic Viking history, but this must represent a dream ship. It is made of stainless steel and pays tribute to the sun. The artwork represents hope, freedom and progress. The Sun Voyager is located close to the center on the waterfront promenade and provides beautiful photos due to the reflection during sunset. It;s on of the best free things to see in Reykjavik. Between the Sun Voyager and the historic Höfði House you can also take a relaxing coastal walk where you will encounter some works of art.

the colorful Laugavegur

Laugavegur is the pleasant part of town to walk around, because here is the popular and eponymous shopping street for shopping and buying souvenirs. Here you will also find atmospheric restaurants and bars. Laugavegur also has many side streets where more shops, restaurants, terraces and art studios can be found. Laugavegur is known for the colored and painted houses that really give the shopping street its own character.

Walking around Lake Tjörnin & Austurvöllur Square

In the capital you can relax around Lake Tjörnin where many water birds can be spotted. At the lake you can also view the town hall. In this town hall you will find a beautiful 3D model of Iceland and public toilets. In the winter you can even skate on the lake and in the summer it is wonderful to walk along the beautiful works of art that are located around the lake.

Camping in Reykjavík

Some people choose a different approach like camping. Mostly this is a common thing to do for the adventurous bikers that cycle around the entire island. But these are some that like to camp anyway. Here are some of the camping spots around on the capital area if you are one of those adventurous people visiting Iceland with plenty of time on your hands and want to camp in The capital area.

Laugardalur Camping

The campsite has everything a camper needs. It is well located in a green area in the city but still close to the city centre. Below you will find information about the facilities available at the campsite and its surroundings.

Hafnarfjörður Campsite

If you are looking for a family friendly campsite near Reykjavik, Hafnarfjordur Camping is the place for you. The campsite is close to all services, shopping and many tourist activities.

Mosskógar Campsite

The Mosskogar camping site is located in a peaceful grove in Mosfellsdalur. It is a short drive from Mosfellsbær which is a part of the capital area of Reykjavík.

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